From Bolivar to Beaumont, we provide Quality Homes at competitive prices .

Tom E. Kojak - Builder is a 2 nd generation Southeast Texas, Crystal Beach and Bolivar Peninsula Home Builder and General Contractor.

We perform all types of construction from shell to turnkey homes of any size or price range. We happily work with our customers from the design phase through the total completion of the project providing our insight each step of the way .

Because of our 30+ yea r s experience, we are competent and knowledgeable to deal with all codes and insurance requirement in both coasta l and inland areas of Southeast Texas.

Since Hurricane Ike, we focused our abilities on contributing to the rebuilding and rebirth of the Crystal Beach and Bolivar Peninsula area .
Our years of experience at "The Beach" have included all phases of remodeling, add-ons, and new home construction and, as such, we have become attuned to trends and preferences many people have come to expect when planning their new beach home.

We strive to meet our Customers' needs with cost efficiency in des i gn and amenities while meeting or exceeding all current flood insur a nce , windstorm insurance , and Galveston County requirements. To insure compliance with all applicable codes, Aran & Franklin Engineering, I nc. has furnished their expertise for all of our new homes and related constructor projects since the 1990's.

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